Enhance your skills and habits for academic success.

Fall 2018 Workshops – Get Savvy!

All sessions are free ­— 4th floor, Knight Library


Week 3: Wed, 10/10, 2-2:50pm

Don’t just take notes—make them work for you. Discover a variety of note-taking techniques you can adapt to your own style. Register.

In the Midst of Midterms

Week 4: Wed, 10/17, 4-4:50pm

Learn to predict and tackle test questions by examining course objectives, understanding test expectations, and tailoring your study approach to match. Register.

Managing Time

Week 5: Wed, 10/24, 2-2:50pm

Find effective scheduling techniques and organizational strategies to prioritize to-dos, beat deadlines, and rebalance your life. Register.

Productive Procrastination

Week 6: Mon, 10/29, 4-4:50pm

Explore attitudes and strategies that can lead to lower stress, higher quality work, and better habits for future endeavors. Register.

Speed Reading Basics

Week 7: Fri, 11/9, 2-2:50pm

Looking to reduce reading time without sacrificing comprehension? Come give speed reading a try! Register.

Preparing for Finals

Week 8: Wed, 11/14, 4-4:50pm

Ease stress and maximize success during final exam week by developing a solid, manageable plan for organizing your time, materials, and study methods. Register.


Tues, Wed, Thur, 2-4:00pm, 101 Oregon Hall

Stop by with questions about
time management, organization, reading,
note-taking, test preparation and more.

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