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Undergraduate Support Program

The UO’s Undergraduate Support Program (USP)  is a first-year program designed for students who have demonstrated the potential, motivation, and commitment to succeed at the University of Oregon, despite having faced obstacles in high school that affected their academic performance. During this year-long program, students enroll in classes that fulfill university requirements while building knowledge and skills that allow for successful transitions to university-level courses.

“Before I came to the UO, I’d been told I had great potential to succeed, but no one ever took the time to actually show me how to make it happen. USP helped me reach my potential. It’s honestly a privilege to be part of this program.” ~Vanessa A. Servellon, USP student

In addition to completing required courses during their first year, students meet regularly with their academic advisor to select courses, choose majors, and explore careers that fit with academic interests, personal strengths, and long-term goals. For USP students, academic advising and personalized support remain available throughout their studies at the university.

“My experience in the USP program was awesome. I picked up so many useful study tools and strategies that led to success throughout my undergraduate studies.” ~Max Trette, UO graduate and former USP student

 USP is housed within the Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center (TAEC), which provides academic support to all UO students.


New USP Student? Here’s a check list of important steps that need to be taken before you register and start your classes:

Check list and USP Information Survey

For questions about your application or file, contact:
Jennifer Corona, Admissions

For more information regarding USP requirements,
including examples of the first year curriculum, contact:
Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center
541-346-3226, 4th floor Knight Library

Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center

1501 Kincaid St
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
Office: Knight Library, Fourth Floor
P: 541-346-3226